Hellooooo babes! I’m Emily, a style mogul and all around jet setter. I’m kidding, but that’d be cool right?

I got my inspo for this blog when I studied in London back in 2015 and never had the guts to make it happen ’til now! ┬áLiving there sparked my interest in all things fashion and travel related. After graduating, I bit the bullet and went back overseas for 7 more months where I became obsessed with being on-the-go, finding deals, and scouting locations to shoot at. This blog is where I combine the two!

Awful case of RBF, PR girl, and a serious problem with touching my hair in pictures.

“emilyrobbb” came to be my online name years ago and it kind of just stuck. People always ask me, “what’s with the extra Bs?”. I wish I had a cooler answer than it was my Insta handle back in 2010.

I started this blog to inspire. I spend so many nights browsing my favorite fashion and travel blogs and take so much inspiration from them, I figured, why can’t I do that for someone else? Thanks for stopping by, enjoy! xx

contact me at emilyyrob@gmail.com


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  1. What a beautiful person you have become – both inside and out! A father could not be more proud of you for realizing your dreams. I think you have realized…Dreamers dream, Doers do. You manage to do both!

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