charleston sc travel guide

charleston sc travel guide

charleston sc travel guide

Happy Monday!! As I write this, I am actually on my way back to Charleston for the weekend to head to another beach! If you can’t tell from that statement alone, I am obsessed with this city. No seriously, I’ve already talked to my bf about coming back up here soon. I had no idea just how photogenic Charleston would be! It is seriously a bloggers dream. So many beautiful, colorful buildings around every corner. Needless to say, I was in heaven and a little camera happy. Hence this image heavy post! Keep reading to see what I got up to!

charleston sc travel guide

charleston sc travel guide

Where to stay:

I say go for something central, such as The Restoration on King. It’s in the best location to walk to anything and everything and has a huge, stunning interior.

I did a quick little search and also found loads of Airbnb options as well, so don’t rule those out!

Things to do in the city:

Go to rainbow row immediately!!! It’s a short little walk but definitely my favorite part of being there. There are actually some fascinating historical houses if you end up walking through the entire neighborhood as well.

On that note don’t miss out on the waterfront either. That’s where you’ll find the pineapple fountain everyone posts about as well as the battery and the most stunning houses you’ve ever seen.

charleston sc travel guide

charleston sc travel guide

Go shopping on King Street. Charleston does not disappoint when it comes to shopping. There’s an Urban Outfitters, Louis Vuitton and everything in between. Definitely stop by Skinny Dip for the best boutique clothing as well as Candlefish for well…as many candles as a girl could want.

Get Seafood. As a Colorado girl, I take full advantage anytime I am on the east coast and go wild with the crab. I went to Charleston Crab House and got the best hushpuppies I have ever had and two giant crab cakes. We sat up on the rooftop overlooking S. Market street – another place to check out!

Other food to check out:

Kilwin’s for ice cream.

Poogan’s Porch for brunch.

Magnolia’s for southern cuisine.

Other options:

I one hundred percent recommend heading to a beach for even a half day if you are staying in the city. I spent a full day at Folly Beach and had an amazing time. The two-tiered pier is stunning, the sand feels unreal, and theres a restaurant with the best blackened fish tacos a two minute walk down the road. I’ve heard wonderful things about Sullivan’s Island as well, and I am heading to Kiawah Beach this weekend (supposedly one of the mot romantic beaches in the country!).

charleston sc travel guide

charleston sc travel guide

I feel like I could ramble on about how great the city is even after being there for two short days, so I’ll stop here. If you ever get the chance, definitely stop by Charleston!

charleston sc travel guide

charleston sc travel guide

charleston sc travel guide

If you haven’t already, check out my other guides to Barcelona , Copenhagen, and Lisbon!


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  1. I just visited Charleston for the first time in March and I LOVED it. It’s so much more photogenic than I was expecting, and there’s so much stuff to enjoy – I will definitely be going back. I didn’t make it to the beach but I will next time!

  2. You have awesome photos! And yes, the best thing about a destination is that everywhere is photogenic!

  3. Loved your guide! I feel like Charleston lately has been full of a lot of bloggers sashaying around in floral maxi dresses, so I really liked your fresh take on it 🙂

    Rosalie //

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