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“Make yourself proud.” These are words I have not listened to in a long time. I have always been the person that tries to please the people around me. It got under my skin if I even thought someone might not like me. (it still does but I’m working on it!) It wasn’t until this last month, really, that I decided to try to focus on me instead.

Now I already feel the eye rolls coming through the screen at how cheesy and motivational this seems, but hear me out. I don’t know why more people don’t brag about themselves. That doesn’t mean let’s all start oversharing every good thing that happens in a day, but yeah, if you got that promotion or did that really terrifying thing to better your future, I want to hear about itI am so here for lifting other people up for something they worked hard for.

I spent about half of this past year waiting for someone to be proud of me. I never heard those words. I had opportunity after opportunity somehow slip through my fingers and I became so unbelievably disappointed in myself that I was miserable. Emotions are seen as weakness, and I hope this perspective changes as time goes on. I just wish I had the desire to take those emotions and channel them into a goal.

That’s what I’ve spent the last month doing. I came across this simple sentence: don’t stop until you’re proud. I swear on everything that changed me. I’ve known how I wanted my life to go for a long time now. There has always been a plan. When it got interrupted I felt so ashamed of diverting from it that I tried to distract myself by giving other people what they wanted. I tried and I failed to keep up with what other people expected me to be doing, how they wanted me to be acting.

Now I can happily say I just got a job offer from my dream company in NYC, have quadrupled my blog traffic, and moved all in such a short amount of time. I wish I was being dramatic when I say tears streamed down my face when I got the call offering the position. I hate to be all “dreams don’t work unless you do” but it’s a cliché for a reason. People will continue to try to underestimate, belittle, and doubt me as they have this year, but I now know what I am capable of, if only I had recognized it sooner.

I love being a part of this blogging community because I constantly find myself reading inspirational posts from others. One of my favorite posts is this one, which comes from Lydia Millen, someone I thoroughly enjoy reading and watching online. She wrote:

 “We shouldn’t compliment ourselves because that is being arrogant, but we shouldn’t put ourselves down either because then that makes us insecure. We shouldn’t be too positive because that is setting unrealistic expectations and yet we shouldn’t be too negative because that makes you not pleasant to be around. We simply cannot win!

So along with not attempting to please everyone, try pleasing yourself instead. Congratulate yourself on your achievements, publicly if need be. Compliment your own hair, your outfit or your make-up and own it. Be your own biggest fan because we live in a world that’s constantly telling us we are wrong!”

I am addicted to proving myself right, now. I am unapologetically proud of what I’ve done and that I speak out about it. My new favorite hobby is obnoxiously cheering on my friends so they know no matter what there is always one person impressed with how far they have come. Now excuse me while I head out to happy hour to celebrate.

If you’re into reading posts from girls who just generally kick ass at everything they do, I highly suggest Payton Sartain and Molly Hogan, two girls I’ve been obsessed with forever, and Beth Sandland, a blogger I found more recently (through Lydia actually)!

And finally I’ll leave you with some pretty motivational quotes from Pinterest because let’s be honest there’s never a bad time for those.

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  1. Emily, I have never stopped being PROUD OF YOU. You took a heartbreaking experience and a stage in your life that you felt was going nowhere and turned it around into a positive result. You took a risk that was scary, to say the least, and made a choice which had an uncertain outcome. But your repeated positive thinking and self-fulfilling prophecy truly paid off and that is incredibly inspiring and will surely encourage many others that positive changes can really happen if you believe strongly enough. Congratulations and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  2. This is so inspiring! Sometimes blogging can be lonely, since no one around has seen it be successful before. That’s why it’s nice to find posts like yours that lets me know that we achieve the success we seek, if we keep believing and keep working hard toward it. No matter what. I hope one day to have a testimony as strong as yours. Thanks for inspiring me to reach high.

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